Sensitive to the slightest changes in management trends and conditions, our service line delivers optimal solutions.

Sakura & Co. is proud of its top-class performance in asset liquidation and securitization projects. Many years of audits, tax services and M&A achievements have added to our reputation as one of the leading accounting firms in Japan. Our business expertise extends into a number of fields. Our real estate appraisal specialists serve a wide range of clients – from financial institutions to public assessment bodies. We actively participate in large-scale urban redevelopment projects while providing tax and other services for overseas enterprises. We publish books, hold seminars and lectures, contribute magazine articles, and conduct research aimed at advancing the skills of the industry. The breadth of our involvement is huge, indeed.

For Financial Institutions and Law Firms

We surpass the conventional expectations of what appraisers do by providing a comprehensive service package during the respective stages of acquiring, holding and transferring real estate. Vigorous professional support is our standard:

  • Calculation of reasonable values in property deals between family members, between affiliated companies, and between, say, a corporation president and the corporation.
  • Valuation of fixed assets to be traded and business-use assets to be replaced.
  • Assessments of vacant property value at the time leasing rights are established.
  • Appraisals of inheritance property whose estimated value varies significantly from actual cash value as well as valuations to ensure fair distribution of inheritance property.
  • Property valuations in cases where objections to government tax assessments have been filed.

For Financial Institutions and Accounting Firms

  • Assessment of property listed in lawsuits (including lease, tenant rights) and calculation of property rent, rental and renewal fees, name-transfer fees, eviction fees, etc.
  • Appraisal of M&A assets.
  • Asset valuation for companies undergoing liquidation or reorganization.
  • Appraisals of in-kind investments in companies that are forming or increasing their capitalization.

International Business

International business affairs are handled through our tie-up with Crowe Global.

  • Issuance of appraisal and consulting reports in English.
  • Advice on property in Japan to overseas investors.
  • Advice on overseas property to investors in Japan.

Consulting on Securitization

This is where in-depth experience comes to the fore.

  • Valuation of special assets related to securitization, including monetary claims, real estate and trust beneficiary rights.
  • Procedural proposals for securitizing property involving SPC use, and for arranging small-lot investment products linked to the utilization of real estate special joint projects (silent partnerships, etc.).
  • Methods for treating bad debts.
  • Valuation of enterprises involved in M&A.
  • Adjustment of rights concerning jointly owned buildings.
  • Real estate project structure planning.
  • Market research and feasibility studies.
  • Research of commercialization conditions in voluntary and legal redevelopment projects.
  • Valuation of existing and future assets in urban redevelopment projects.
  • Surface valuation of land readjustment projects.

Decision-making Support in Real Estate Transactions

  • Advice on organizing real estate deals.
  • Calculation of property holding and transaction costs, and cost-reduction recommendations.
  • ?Research (“due diligence”) on real estate and related loans.
  • Estimation of rent on profitable property.
  • Pricing simulation by discounted cash flow (DCF) method.
  • Investment analysis.
  • Decision-making support on the sale, leaseback, best use, etc., of property.
  • Advice on improving portfolios through asset rearrangement, including trades and property replacement.
  • Best-use recommendations for under-utilized property.

Public Appraisal Work

For Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, Sakura & Co. is in charge of:

  • Official land-price announcements
  • Land-price research
  • Tax appraisals of fixed assets.