Facilitating domestic and international mergers, acquisitions and business tie-ups in concert with our colleagues around the world.

Global M&A traditionally has involved Japanese companies seeking acquisition and capital-participation opportunities with partners overseas. In addition to this activity today, an increasing number of overseas enterprises are initiating capital and business tie-ups with Japanese companies. Within Japan also, M&A activity is on the rise. These M&A transactions cannot be expected to go smoothly without effective professional support that will respond swiftly to changing circumstances. The accounting, tax, and property appraisal specialists at Sakura & Co. will tailor their services to the needs of the client with regard to attendant M&A tax and accounting problems, the acquisition or sale of a business, or the transaction suitable, say, for spinning off a business division. This is how we fulfill our No.1 priority which is to maximize value for clients. Our own information network within Japan, coupled with that of Crowe Global, enables us to facilitate global M&A activity in cooperation with groups of specialists around the world. We also provide comprehensive support for rationalizing management structure, upgrading administration, developing a capital-funds policy, and taking company stock public.

M&A Restructuring

  • Planning
    • Study of optimum transaction structures (proposals for merger, business transfer, breakup, etc.)
    • Accounting and tax advice
    • Support of document preparation
    • Disclosure advice
  • Financial Research
    • Due diligence review of target company
    • Business analysis/improvement recommendations
    • Investment analysis
  • Enterprise Appraisal
    • Stock valuation
    • Calculation of merger, stock-exchange and other ratios
    • Valuation of businesses involved in pending transactions
  • Preparation for Going Public
    • Feasibility research
    • Review of conditions and objectives
  • Support Services for Stock Offerings
    • Development/maintenance of management and accounting systems and accounting procedures
    • Upgrade of internal control operations
    • Drafting of IPO provisions
  • Other Consulting Work
    • Introduction of pay and annual salary systems
    • Establishment of public service corporations