Full support for clients -- from general tax reporting and tax consultation to advice on business succession measures.

Sakura & Co. believes that clients demand, most of all, reliability and promptness from their tax-accounting agents. Therefore, we stay current on legislative revisions that may impact taxation procedures, developing an understanding of the legal texts involved through our many contacts, including people at the National Tax Administration Agency. We then work out plans to minimize tax risks for clients. Meanwhile, we stay on top of the day-to-day paperwork needed to make the necessary filings with government agencies, on time and with confidence. We want our clients to have peace of mind with the results of our efforts. Besides dealing with tax risks accrued from past and current investments and activities, we tackle proposals for hedging future anticipated risks in advance. That’s because we view our tax services as a form of “tax protection” tasked with implementing immediate precautions.

Tax Reporting Services

  • Bookkeeping agency, closing statement preparation, tax withholding, administrative labor
  • Tax agency for corporations and individuals
  • International tax services
  • Tax-related assistance in general

Tax Consulting Services

  • Structured financing and real estate securitization
  • Establishment of public service corporations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Enterprise revival and bankruptcy
  • Public stock offerings
  • Labor affairs

Payroll Tax Accounting

  • Payroll settlements
  • Payroll deposits
  • Agency for all social insurance plans

Business Succession

  • Inheritance measures
  • Stock evaluations
  • Review, evaluation and recommendation of business succession, inheritance plans
  • Consultation on overseas business succession

Entertainment Business Consulting

As part of its general tax-accounting services, Sakura & Co. has stepped up its consulting in the entertainment world. Staff members with broad experience in tax matters and a familiarity with the practices of the sports and show business fields are ready to provide optimal solutions for companies and individuals.

  • Show Business
    • Talent agencies
    • Personality management
    • Event production companies
    • Copyright management
    • Image publication rights management
    • Recording companies
    • Film distribution
  • Sports Management
    • Professional players
    • Professional sports management