Our No. 1 priority is to earn the trust of our corporate and individual clients. With that in mind, we can guarantee that all personal information provided to us by clients will be protected. We adhere to the letter and spirit of our own Privacy Policy, Japanese national laws and statutes pertaining to the protection of personal information, and parallel laws that regulate the accounting and property appraisal professions. We remain vigilant in maintaining strict controls on access to clients’ personal data.

1.Duty of Confidentiality and Observance of Related Laws

The laws regulating the CPA, tax accounting and real estate appraisal professions oblige practitioners to protect the confidentiality of the personal information they acquire in their dealings with clients. We strictly observe these rules and other statutes and ordinances related to the protection of clients’ personal information.

2.Collection of Personal Information

When we ask a client to provide us personal information, we obtain his or her consent to collect the information with the understanding that we will do so in an appropriate manner and only inasmuch as that the information is necessary to conduct the agreed business involving the client.

3.Our Objectives in Using Personal Information

Except where we have obtained a client’s agreement in advance, or where an applicable law, statute or ordinance stipulates otherwise, if we are unable to inquire of a client directly or indirectly, we assume the right to use personal information acquired from him or her to accomplish any of the following:

  • To complete on the client’s behalf agreed duties with regard to accounting and tax services, real estate appraisal, financial consulting, and international business affairs.
  • To announce, guide or administer seminars, study groups, conferences and similar programs.
  • To send or transmit publications, articles and other information related to accounting, tax matters and property appraisal, and greeting cards.
  • To carry out activities related to the above.

4.Third-Party Restrictions

Except where an applicable law, statute or ordinance stipulates otherwise, or where a client has given his or her approval beforehand, we will not provide the client’s personal information to any third party, although there are occasions when we must entrust some personal information to judicial scriveners, notaries, social insurance and labor officials, etc. in order to achieve the objectives listed in No. 3 above.

5.Change Requests

We affirm a client’s right, upon request at any time, to change or delete personal information that he or she has provided to us, to have us release the information to certain parties, or to have us stop using the information in some way. We act promptly on such requests.

6.Control Procedures

With regard to the protection and proper control of personal information, we have instituted thorough in-house training programs involving directors, managers and employees. We take pains to ensure that all personal information is handled properly in our daily operations.


Inquiries concerning our Privacy Policy are accepted at our Tokyo office.
Call 03-3292-4444.

8.Privacy Policy Revisions

Revisions to the contents of our Privacy Policy are published on this Web site, and become effective on the date they appear. Besides adhering to the applicable laws, regulations and standards regarding personal information in our possession, we strive to improve our Privacy Policy by periodically reviewing the suitability of each clause.

Enacted April 1, 2005
Sakura Horwath & Co.
Tokyo SPC Services